5 gaming journalists who know their craft – and have at their job

Games journalism doesn’t always enjoy the best reputation – time and again, cases come to light in which publishers, for example, have tried to interfere in (actually) independent reporting: Games that didn’t deserve it were hyped up in exchange for placed advertising, or employees had to leave editorial offices because they gave a game too bad a review. Of course, this shakes credibility. Here, therefore, are five journalists who shine through their expertise, humor and, above all, credibility:

  1. Maurice Weber has been writing about video games, especially strategy and role-playing games, for GameStar since 2012. On the Twitch channel MAX – Monsters & Explosions, together with colleagues from GamePro and MeinMMO, he devotes almost every evening to topics related to games, movies and pop culture in general. https://twitter.com/MauriceWeber42
  2. David Hain: First becoming known as an editor and presenter at GIGA, Hain has been running his YouTube channel BeHaind since 2013 with almost 500,000 subscribers, through which the 40-year-old regularly publishes top lists as well as game and movie reviews. Hain has twice won the German Web Video Award and also appears regularly on Rocket Beans TV. https://twitter.com/BeHaind
  3. Jason Schreier: Hardly any gaming journalist has such an investigative approach to the games industry as Schreier. After ten years at the U.S. gaming site Kotaku, the New Yorker-by-choice moved to Bloomberg News and regularly provides exclusive insights from the industry and is the author of two bestsellers about the difficult processes of game development. https://twitter.com/jasonschreier
  4. Anita Sarkeesian: One of the few prominent female voices in gaming journalism, she has become known primarily for a feminist perspective on the games industry. The Canadian denounced the persistent sexism in games, but also in pop culture in general, and had to deal with savage abuse as a result. https://twitter.com/anitasarkeesian
  5. Jörg Luibl: Luibl was at the online games magazine 4Players for 21 years, among other things as editor-in-chief, went freelance after the site closed and founded the project “Spielvertiefung,” on which Luibl deals with video games and board games in the context of literature and history. Next up for him is the relaunch of the popular print game magazine “GEE,” which was discontinued nine years ago. https://twitter.com/spielvertiefung