5 indie games we’re particularly looking forward to in the coming year

Oh, indie games. They are always good for surprises, taking risks, presenting never-before-seen game concepts, cute (or even gloomy) graphic worlds and/or real challenges. In contrast to AAA games, they are developed by small teams, sometimes even only in solo work over years in their own basement. That’s why they always deserve a place in our hearts. Next year, as well, is stuffed with indie games. We present 5 of them, which will hopefully turn out to be real gems:

  1. Goodbye Volcano: A rock school band with a non-binary dinosaur as lead singer and game protagonist. The premise already packs a punch. This hand-drawn adventure game presents itself as a coming-of-age drama at a high school and includes everything expected from an indie game: An innovative idea that you probably would never have seen in a AAA game, which was implemented with great attention to detail.
  2. Stray: Who hasn’t always wanted to dive into a dystopian neon-soaked cyberpunk world – as a cat that has been separated from its family and now has to make its way home. Of course, not without exploring the stylish environment, solving puzzles and escaping from various threats. Oh, and robots are quite normal and can be found on every street corner, whereas a small drone named B12 becomes the new best friend, always available for a helpful tip.
  3. Two Point Campus: Two Point Studios already had a real indie hit with their hospital simulator Two Point Hospital. With a lot of humor and exciting gameplay, they were able to win the hearts of gamers. Now the developers are taking on university life and we are sure that we will be completely thrilled this time as well.
  4. Little Devil Inside: The game is still a bit of a mystery, but the first trailer has already created a lot of excitement. It’s probably due to the mixture of cute characters and beautiful environments, which could also come from a stop-motion movie by “Coraline” maker Laika, as well as the gameplay, which combines survival elements with dynamic combat.
  5. Bear and Breakfast: A hotel management game with bears? Yes, sometimes the right mix of two things is enough to create a great game. We play the bear and hotel manager Hank, who has to set up his entire hotel and make sure that every animal guest feels bearishly comfortable. Particularly ambitious players can even work their way up to a huge dream resort.