Keep an eye on these 5 NFT projects

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are on everyone’s lips and always create a big buzz with sums of millions. Recently, even the word “NFT” was named word of the year by Collins Dictionary. Simply put, NFTs are unique, digital certificates used in a blockchain to represent ownership of an asset (borrowing from the Collins Dictionary definition).

One of the most sensational NFT projects was the work “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” by artist Beeple. Basically, it was an image in JPEG format, which consisted of 5000 small images. The auction was a real novelty, with 22 million observers in the last minutes, and eventually brought the artist a sale sum of 42,329.453 Ether (equivalent to about $69.3 million). The buyer initially remained anonymous, but eventually turned out to be Vignesh Sundaresan, who stands for a crypto-based fund that acquires NFTs.

 We now present the top 5 most exciting upcoming NFT drops:

  1. Journey of Stardust: A hundred-page NFT comic about a young wizard inspired by BitColors. Ten pages of the comic will be given away, while the remaining ninety will be available on the OpenSea platform.
  2. Zoodiac Rabbits: A collection of 12 algorithmically generated NFTs based on the Chinese zodiac. Noble goal: to support the conservation of endangered species.
  3. Ark//Angels: This project revolves around the Metaverse recently teased by Facebook, among others, and now contains 11,111 NFTs.
  4. Legion of Witches: Again based in the Metaverse, this is a collection of 10,000 unique witch drawings with various styles including anime, mystical witchcraft, and pop culture.5. CyberTrees: Selling 8,888 cyber-humanoid tree NFTs resembling the Marvel character Groot to “stop any destruction of the rainforest to ensure its existence for generations to come.”