5 crazy simulators that are still fun to play

Germans love simulation games and are experts in the field not only as gamers but also as developers. Several simulators like Farming Simulator are real hits worldwide. But why is this genre so popular? Quite simply, they offer relaxation. Finally, you can devote yourself completely to one thing, listen to an audio book or podcast on the side and simply switch off – whether it’s driving a train, driving a crane or being a slice of toast? Yes indeed, there are many strange simulators, but they still have their charms. Here we present five of them:

Towing Simulator: They are big, yellow and really clean up the city: Tow trucks can ruin your day when you realize with horror that your car is suddenly no longer where you parked it. Now players can virtually go to the dark side of the force and clear out all the parking offenders themselves – and keep the cash register ringing in the process.

Goat Simulator: This “classic” in gaming history allows gamers to finally make their dream of being a goat come true. Originally just a kind of tech demo, the concept became so successful that it is now available on almost all gaming platforms. No wonder, with this goat you can do just about anything and bring about the most insane situations: Ever flown through the city with a jetpack goat?

PC Building Simulator: Let’s build ourselves a computer. Sounds insanely exciting – and that’s why the game has been released not only on PC, but actually on all consoles as well. In cooperation with hardware expert MSI, we can assemble the perfect gaming PC from individual components and enjoy the masterpiece at the end.

Ski Region Simulator: Many people have to do without a beautiful snow-covered landscape in winter. But those who still like to frolic in the snow can at least do so virtually. Or better yet, simply manage an entire ski region in the Swiss Alps. That means maintaining lifts, clearing roads or firing the snow cannons.I Am Bread: What tastes better than a slice of toast? That’s right, a crunchy slice of toast. So we set off on our journey as pale toast and have to overcome a few obstacles to finally reach our trusted toaster. A realistic physics engine provides a lot of fun in the process.