Top 5 multiplayer games 2021 that you absolutely have to try out with your friends

While multiplayer games were still pure couch co-op experiences at the beginning of gaming history, nowadays friends can play against or with each other online, thanks to fast internet connections. Especially in times of Covid-19, this is a very good thing, since many people are careful to limit personal contacts. New games are coming all the time that offer a very good multiplayer mode. 2021 also had a lot of real multiplayer hits, five of which we want to show you here.

  1. Chivalry 2 (PC, PlayStation, Xbox): If you want to have a good fight in medieval armor, Chivalry 2 is the right game for you. It’s not about a historically accurate representation, but pure chaos on the battlefield. A large selection of weapons and a fun physics engine ensure that a bunch of friends will have a lot of fun conquering the next castle.
  2. Forza Horizon 5 (PC, Xbox): Racing fans have relied on Forza Horizon for years to deliver the best online racing experience possible. This time, it’s off to Mexico, where we can take on volcanoes, deserts and a jungle together – against each other or with each other.
  3. Halo Infinite (PC, Xbox): Although the story campaign unfortunately doesn’t offer the typical Halo co-op (yet), the PvP multiplayer part shines all the more and still plays as smoothly as the classic Halo from 2001. Without a doubt, Halo Infinite is one of the best, if not the best multiplayer shooter of the year.
  4. Riders Republic (PC, PlayStation, Xbox): Finally, publisher Ubisoft has delivered another successful multiplayer extreme sports game à la SSX. Whether by mountain bike, ski, snowboard or wingsuit – a huge world full of players is waiting for you and your friends to try everything out.
  5. Age of Empires 4 (PC): If you’re looking for a more tactical and complex multiplayer experience, you can’t go wrong with Age of Empires 4. After 16 years, the fourth iteration is finally here and brings exactly the RTS fun that fans have been waiting for so long. AoE offers eight civilizations and a story campaign, but the real fun has always been fighting against other players online.