The next level of success: GamesCoin Group moves to Berlin

The GamesCoin Group is betting on Berlin as their next location. In the future, the blockchain gaming company that manages GamesCoin will be tinkering with new game ideas, publishing games, developing game and streaming platforms, and establishing NFT as the expanded standard for the computer and online games industry in the capital. The infrastructure that Berlin offers creative start-ups is also crucial in this regard.

“In Berlin, we have many talented programmers, designers and other creatives who can help us realize GamesCoin as we envision it. Our launch in Switzerland was extremely successful, but our growth has significantly exceeded our expectations, making a move to the German capital the ideal solution,” explains Alex Suárez, CEO GamesCoin Group. “In the long term, we plan to have over 100 employees.”

With GamesChain and GamesCoin, as central elements of an entire ecosystem for blockchain games, developers can take advantage of a decentralized game currency for games and shared resources. What makes this special is that gamers truly own their digital achievements, as the data is stored on a blockchain. Thus, GamesCoin makes virtual items real for the first time. For developer studios, the cooperation is worthwhile because there is an intensive exchange of knowledge in the GamesCoin network and the development of new games is supported with extensive tools.