The Future of Gaming: The 3 Best NFT and Blockchain Games

NFT or blockchain gaming is still a fairly young phenomenon, but is taking off all the more impressively for it. It’s only since 2018, when Axie Infinity was released, that NFT gaming has come into the public eye – no NFT game before it was able to reach a billion US dollars in trading volume. Since then, there are quite a few titles that also want to get a piece of the new NFT pie. We show which three games are already successful or deserve it:

Axie Infinity: Originating in Vietnam, this online game is the “bedrock” of the NFT gaming trend and has sold over $1.6 million in NFTs to date. The game’s concept is reminiscent of classics like Pokémon or Tamagotchi, in that it involves virtual creatures that the player must take care of. Each individual Axie is an NFT that can be customized by the user, stored in the blockchain and sold. In 2020, Axie Infinity became the “Blockchain Game of the Year.”

Sorare: Playing cards as NFTs in a fantasy soccer game: this is what Sorare offers – a soccer manager game in which we can assemble our own team from NFT playing cards. Rewards are given for victories over other managers. The special feature: Each card is unique and belongs entirely to the collector, is officially licensed and features real soccer players actually playing in that season – available in three rarity levels.

Alien Worlds: The economic simulator is part of the DeFi (Decentralized finance)-metaverse and lets players discover new planets together or against each other and compete for the mineral treasure Trillium (TLM). To manage planets and progress, players use NFTs – the only way to harvest TLM. But NFTs stored on the blockchain also play a key role in battles and mission objectives.