NFT websites you need to know about

You are at the beginning of your NFT discovery tour? We’ve made you a little list of websites you can start learning with. The Internet is full of information about NFTs. We don’t want you to search forever for the right information, but to find reliable sources to get started with NFT.

A beginners guide to NFTs.

The first recommendation is interesting for you for two reasons: First, it contains a detailed guide to NFTs. Second, you are there on the platform – publishing tool for authors that uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Thus, here you will discover one of today’s representatives of Web3 in action.

Buy NFTs.

A German language site where you can learn how to invest in NFTs. You can also see an overview of the different cryptocurrency rates.

NFT Marketplace OpenSea.

While there are many marketplaces to buy NFTs, OpenSea is by far the most popular. You can find game items, art, domain names, and other collectibles to sell, trade, and buy.

MetaMask – Wallet for Ethereum

To buy and store NFTs you need so-called wallets. MetaMask is your go-to wallet when moving around on Ethereum.

With the instructions, OpenSea and MetaMask you have the knowledge source and the tool at hand to get started with NFTs. Have fun getting started!