NFT gaming – the new side job?

Are you thinking about earning some extra money with NFT Gaming? Then watch out now, we’re going to show you three more ways to make money in the NFT gaming industry. You don’t have to play yourself if you want to win new coins. We will explain you how to do it.

Let’s start with the most popular way:


You know Play-To-Earn games or at least you have heard about them: games that allow you to earn crypto coins and thus real money just by playing. Sure, there are some pros who make a living doing this alone. And the prospect is probably a bit higher than it used to be with e-sports, where you first had to earn a place in a paid league. In most NFT games you can already start and collect coins with little effort.


Maybe you have already saved up a nice amount of money by gambling and you want to invest it cleverly – or you don’t want to gamble at all. Then Rent-To-Earn is something for you, a somewhat lesser known concept. You can buy game items and sell them to players and guilds without having to play yourself.

Invest in NFT games

Okay, this option has the least to do with gaming itself. But you can also invest in games by buying the tokens of the game – either before the release or later. Later, you can find the games on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges like Uniswap.