3 interesting NFT YouTubers to subscribe to.

You know that Twitter is the place to spread NFT ideas. But what about YouTube? Let’s take a look at the important NFT representatives on the video platform.

Brett Malinowski

Brett is the Harry Potter among the NFT pioneers. He gives helpful insights, tips and tricks around NFT gaming and investments. In the last 4 months alone, his channel has grown from about 90,000 to 130,000 subscribers.

Alex Baker

Alex Baker is a pretty big deal among crypto-tubers with his current 1.3 million subscribers. He talks a lot about investing in crypto games and crypto in general, but you’ll find a lot on other topics like mindset, minimalism, and business.

NFT Pasta

“What’s cooking, favorite pasta on the block.” That’s how this Australian YouTuber greets his audience. His videos help you stay up to date on projects, whitelists, releases and more.

Your chance to become a YouTuber

Are you an NFT nerd, speak more than just English and always wanted to start a channel? Maybe now is the right time, because there aren’t many NFT channels that aren’t in English yet. That means less competition in a very young and dynamic niche.