GamesCoin Group is all set to continue their worldwide promotional roadshow “MOMENTUM” in Zug, Switzerland

After a successful kickoff in Dubai, the long-awaited blockchain gaming metaverse will be presented in Zug on June 10th, 2022.

Key Highlights:

  • GamesCoin Group is developing the world’s first “Play to Own” metaverse platform on the blockchain.
  • GamesCoin Groups´s international “MOMENTUM” roadshow will make its next stop in Zug, Switzerland, introducing their innovative vision for blockchain gaming to the Crypto Valley. 
  • GamesCoin Group Group’s blockchain-based gaming ecosystem brings countless innovative possibilities to the gaming experience. 
  • After Crypto Valley, in Zug, Switzerland, GamesCoin Group’s massive international promotional tour “MOMENTUM” will move to Cologne, to the US, Berlin, Riad and finally again to Dubai.
  • GamesCoin Group is building on Hadean’s technology to introduce the world’s first ‘Play to Own’ metaverse hub for gaming on the blockchain.

GamesCoin Group, the disruptive German blockchain gaming organisation, will take their gaming ecosystem to Zug, Switzerland as part of their international promotional tour “MOMENTUM”. After their exclusive event in Dubai in April this year, which was hosted in partnership with Crypto Oasis, they are all set to introduce their pioneering gaming digital cosmos in Switzerland.

Games Coin Group CEO and Founder Alex Suárez is well known in Crypto Valley, which is a cluster of pioneering blockchain organisations in the city of Zug. It also boasts 14 unicorns – privately held start-up companies valued at over $1 billion – which makes it the perfect destination for the next part of the MOMENTUM tour. The GamesCoin Group metaverse platform is based on its own Ethereum-based blockchain, the GamesChain which is operated by Valchain AG, also founded in Zug in 2020. With Herbert Sterchi as its Director, Valchain is an important partner for GamesCoin Group and will be part of the roadshow in Zug.

On the 10th of June at MOMENTUM, at Shed Lounge in Zug, the GamesCoin ecosystem will be presented to the European public for the first time. It will bring to light how GamesCoin Group intends to forge the future of blockchain gaming and accelerate its development and adoption in the gaming world. 

GamesCoin Group is an innovative company, driven by the vision to give players control and ownership of their achievements within the games.  Their “Play to Own” games will execute on this vision and be the tipping point for mass blockchain adoption. Their immersive virtual world will allow access to their own multi-utility digital assets marketplace. Players can use the GamesCoin token as embedded money in all worlds across the hub, allowing players to move NFTs and digital assets smoothly between different games and virtual worlds. 

GamesCoin Group will provide an ecosystem for players, game developers, publishers, and advertising partners, to effortlessly play, create, and own their gaming experience in an open and scalable metaverse. GamesCoin Group’s large-scale virtual world and the ability to accommodate massive numbers of concurrent users for immersive gameplay and high levels of interactivity was achieved by leveraging Hadean’s proven metaverse technology. 

Hadean is at the forefront of the Web 3.0 revolution and as GamesCoin Group’s partner they have ushered in the new blockchain generation of gaming by creating the first ‘Play to Own’ platform for GamesCoin Group. As we shift away from centralised Web 2 models, statistics have shown the rapid pace of adoption of blockchain gaming. The number of daily unique wallets interacting with game-related smart contracts surged and saw a 46-fold increase from 2020 to 2021. The explosive growth is proof that there is a lot of opportunity in the blockchain gaming space for investors, developers, and gamers alike. There are an estimated 3.24 billion gamers across the globe. With an addressable market of that size, blockchain gaming has incredible value to add to the industry and the prospects are limitless.

When asked about leading the blockchain gaming revolution, Alex Suárez, GamesCoin Group CEO and Founder said:

Ideas have to grow into great visions. And at a certain point, you have to realise them purposefully, without any compromises. That‘s what we‘re doing right now: democratising gaming by building a decentralised metaverse just for gamers: The Universe Game.

The GamesCoin Group has unleashed a tremendous potential of possibilities as it looks to develop the GamesCoin metaverse experience around the globe. With players being able to own their assets, the ‘Play to Own’ economy model is taking gaming incentives and rewards to new heights. 

GamesCoin Group is a strategic partner of the Middle East’s fastest-growing blockchain Ecosystem Crypto Oasis. The alliance with Crypto Oasis brings their game-changing metaverse to the Middle East and is supported by Crypto Oasis’ world-class infrastructure and talent. Dubai was the first stop for the “MOMENTUM” tour and in partnership with Crypto Oasis, they successfully showcased their disruptive tech to the Middle East’s fast-growing gaming sector. 

GamesCoin Group looks forward to continuing the “MOMENTUM” roadshow with upcoming stops in Berlin, New York, Cologne and Riyadh before returning to Dubai to close the circle. 

About GamesCoin Group

GamesCoin is unlocking an ecosystem for a whole new gaming world by combining blockchain and gaming in innovative ways to enable a digital cosmos offering countless opportunities from multi-utility NFT marketplaces for gaming items to cross-game promotions. Highly secure, compliant and user-friendly wallet technology enables gamers and partners easy accessibility to this next-generation gaming ecosystem.

About Hadean

Founded in 2015, Hadean are a venture backed startup, reimagining distributed, spatial and scalable computing for web 3.0 and the metaverse. The distributed cloud platform provides the foundations of web 3.0 applications for the metaverse and enterprise organisations alike. Customers include Sony, CAE, Microsoft, Minecraft, the Francis Crick Institute, PixelMax and GamesCoin.

About Crypto Oasis

The Crypto Oasis is a Middle East focused Blockchain Ecosystem supported by initiators of Crypto Valley Switzerland. The core elements needed for its growth are Talent, Capital, and Infrastructure. The Ecosystems stakeholders include Investors & Collectors, Start-Ups & Projects, Corporates, Science & Research Institutions, Service Providers and Government Entities & Associations. Crypto Oasis’ vision is to be one of the leading Blockchain Ecosystems in the world. Today it is the fastest growing, with more than 1,000 organisations in the UAE alone. The forecast is to identify over 1,500 established organisations across the region by the end of 2022.