How to play a Play-to-Earn.

It almost seems too good to be true: Play-to-Earn allows gamers to earn cryptocurrencies while playing and fully own and trade earned characters and their items. Therefore, many are wondering: how do I start a play-to-earn?

After this article, you’ll know.

1. Find a game you like

There are many platforms where you can find out about current titles, start here.

2. Create an account on the platform

Once you have found a game, go to the platform’s website to create your account.

3. Buy ETH

Since these games work on a blockchain – Ethereum in most cases – you’ll need some of the blockchain currency to participate. For most games, you’ll need to buy some ETH to complete the transactions required to start the game.

4. Get a crypto wallet.

To be able to store your cryptocurrency and all the assets you acquire in the game, you will need a crypto wallet. In this article we will introduce you to three wallets.

The most popular and user-friendly wallet for NFTs is MetaMask.

The tokens you earn in NFT games are in the wallet, so you can easily trade them.

5. Start playing

Now the fun really starts: you can earn NFTs for owning in-game items like land, vehicles, clothing, maps, and more by buying them or earning them in-game.

Each play-to-earn hosts in-game marketplaces where players can buy, sell, and trade their goods.

Now that you know how to play P2E, ask yourself this question the next time you play: would I play this game even if I earned nothing from it? At GamesCoin, we believe in a gaming world where you can have fun first and foremost, and earn money while playing. We wish you a lot of fun with your next gaming experience.