Visions are our daily business.


GamesCoin is the ecosystem for a whole new gaming world. Through our idea of linking the blockchain with the gaming industry, we are creating an exciting new world.

With its own GamesChain as a hub for game developers, publishers and advertising partners. And our own GamesCoin as an integrated currency that can be used immediately in all game worlds.

This digital cosmos offers countless innovative possibilities in the gaming experience and marketing. From an NFT marketplace for gaming items to cross-game cross-promotions.

GamesCoin transforms revolutionary blockchain technology into real experiences.

We create fascinating worlds from complex codes. Anyone who wants to discover and create them can participate.

We develop our blockchain ecosystem, cloud services and games according to EU standards, ISO 27001 certified and MiCAR compliant. Because we are convinced that detailed preparation and planning in the background are the basic requirements of professional work.

Success needs more than just pioneering spirit. At GamesCoin, we rely on specialists with a view in one direction: forward. GamesCoin founder and company visionary is CEO Alex Suárez, supported by a powerful team.


I developed my first game on the Amiga when I was 17. Since then, the industry hasn’t let me go.

Alex Suárez

Hello, my name is ALEX SUÁREZ.

I am a game and game platform developer with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

As Chief Executive Officer of GamesCoin Group, I oversee the development of the GamesCoin ecosystem, including the blockchain platform for developers and publishers, as well as the development of GamesCoin Games: from casual mobile games to core PC games.

My passion for games goes back to the glorious Commodore Amiga days. Even as a student, I was involved in the development of numerous computer games. As the founder and managing director of various games companies, I have been working as a professional in the games industry since 1999 and have been able to build up close partnerships with top developers, major publishers and internationally recognised institutes. I am also an advisor to several international entertainment and technology start-ups and on the advisory board of the Frankfurt Economic Development Corporation in the area of creative industries.

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I feel like a child of the digital transformation and love to keep pushing it forward.

Markus Kaiser

Hello, my name is MARKUS KAISER.

I am a management consultant and manager with a focus on corporate finance and venture capital, especially in the media and gaming sector. As Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of GamesCoin Group, I take care of financing, funding and setting up our digital business model, which combines gaming with blockchain technology.

I have been working in management consulting for over 30 years, specialising in TIME industries (telecommunications, IT, media, e-commerce). Since 1999, I have also been increasingly active in the start-up environment and finally became one of the founders myself, in order to provide targeted support to various companies in challenging special situations. This expertise is also extremely helpful to me at GamesCoin. Through my experience, I know what it means to launch visionary, disruptive companies and place them optimally in the market.

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We have set ourselves no less a goal than to revolutionise the gaming market.

This requires a lot of know-how, passion, curiosity and, above all, a really good team. We are always looking for people who are driven by the desire for change and who want to help shape the future. These are the team members we are looking for right now: