Whoever builds great things needs a secure foundation


In order to gain access to our GamesCoin cosmos, a secure wallet infrastructure is irreplaceable. We also want to ensure that our ecosystem is well thought out down to the smallest detail when it comes to financial processing.

We work with the wallet service provider Tangany for this.
The company, based in Munich, meets the highest international security standards, has a Europe-wide licence from the EU and is supervised as a financial services institution by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The wallets are also easy and intuitive to use and thus store our GamesCoins in the best possible way.


Your GamesCoin user profile will be displayed here. With all your games, NFT, transactions, level status and your friends in the community.

KYC (know-your-costumer)

It is very important to us to ensure the highest possible security for our clients and partners. In order to be able to carry out all transactions within the framework of the applicable compliance guidelines, we therefore carry out all the necessary identity checks using the KYC platform IDNow. Our verification tool will even meet future legal requirements.

The European crypto market law “MiCAR”, which will probably come into force at the end of 2022, will make the industry more regulated and thus safer for everyone. GamesCoin will meet this high standard right from the start, wherever necessary.