Team GamesCoin introduces itself: Marian Härtel, General Counsel of the GamesCoin Group

Hello, my name is Marian Härtel. I am an IT lawyer and business consultant specializing in online entertainment, web media and computer games. As General Counsel of Gamescoin Group I am responsible for the legal construction of GamesCoin and all subsidiaries and sister companies. I handle the onboarding of game developers, the drafting of publishing agreements, and the creation of compliance with financial market rules and other regulatory law. I am also the managing director of GamesCoin IO GmbH.

No matter how colourful and fascinating the gaming world is – it always needs professionals in the background

Marian Härtel, General Counsel GamesCoin Group

I have been running companies and businesses in the computer games industry for over 20 years and have been able to build up a large, international network of publishers, developers and clients in the esports and streamer industry. Through my experience as a consultant in the IT industry, as well as in legal consulting for computer game companies, I know how to holistically manage complex technical start-ups – from pitching, to execution with all necessary marketing, licensing and compliance processes.