What is actually stored on the GamesChain?

With its GamesCoin and GamesChain products, the GamesCoin Group makes a decentralized gaming currency possible that gives gamers one decisive advantage: Finally, for the first time, they will really own their virtual assets themselves. GamesCoin makes virtual objects real and real trading objects.

The GamesChain is part of the ecosystem in this regard and is an Ethereum-based blockchain supported by the German company Tangany, which acts as a kind of custodian bank. Tangany offers users their own wallet, as is otherwise only known from cryptocurrencies.

NFTs are stored as well as the GamesCoin, of course – but not as a classic cryptocurrency, but in the form of characters, high scores and multiplayer results. All that is normally stored on a central server finds a tamper-proof home here on the GamesChain. This is how the GamesCoin Group wants to achieve the long overdue democratization of the online gaming world.