Gaming laptop vs. gaming PC – which suits you better?

There were times when this question didn’t even arise: Gaming PCs ruled the world, laptops were either too weak or too clunky to be portable. So it was clear: A big desktop PC was needed. In the meantime, things have changed: Gaming laptops are lighter, more manageable and in some cases just as powerful as the big tower variants. That’s why we want to present you the advantages and disadvantages of each solution:

Power: The maximum possible performance can only be achieved with gaming PCs. While mobile graphics cards and processors come close and can render the latest games with the highest graphics settings, they will probably never achieve the power of desktop versions. The reason: Laptops simply don’t offer enough space and cooling options.

Mobility: Of course, laptops have the edge here. You can fold them up, pack them away and theoretically continue playing anywhere and at any time. That does take a toll on battery life, but at least you don’t have to lug around a tower plus monitor and several cables.

Upgrades: The desktop PC again has a clear advantage here. The compact laptop dimensions have their price: all components fit perfectly into the tight case. If you want to install a new graphics card here, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort – and sometimes it’s simply not possible. A desktop tower, on the other hand, can be unscrewed and completely personalized according to one’s own wishes and upgraded at any time. However, some gaming laptop manufacturers, such as Dell Alienware or MSI, allow users simple expansion options.

Price: High-end laptops for gaming can cost up to 4,000 Euros, while gaming PCs manage with half the price. For that, you still need accessories like a mouse, keyboard or speakers for a desktop PC.Conclusion: If you travel a lot, need a laptop for work, don’t have much space and can do without performance and upgradeability, but are willing to spend more money, you’ll go for the laptop. Everyone else will probably prefer the desktop PC as the main machine for gaming.