Gaming food and energy boosters – What’s the hype about?

If you want to play videogames well for a long time, you should pay attention to your diet. Actually, everyone should pay attention to their diet, but that’s another topic. But that’s exactly the point, because even with gaming, the following actually applies as always: a balanced diet, lots of fruit, lots of vegetables, little fat and sugar are the best, even for gaming performance. But more and more often, special gaming food is advertised, whether isotonic drink powder or meals prepared in a shaker with water or milk.

However, this form of nutrition should really only be seen as a supplement. Quick, home-cooked meals are always better than powder mixes of any kind. And in fact, quite normal mineral water is more beneficial for a longer gaming session than energy drinks. However, there are exceptions: High-quality and harmless preparations from Runtime, for example, can be taken temporarily or for a limited time, but they are not suitable for children or pregnant women.

By the way, Aldi recently had some very nasty clichés in its brochure: By “suitable gaming food”, Aldi meant frozen pizza and sugar-laden energy drinks. Anyone who grabs one of these will quickly “crash”: Instead of achieving top performance, gamers will rather long for a little nap.