Couple gaming – these relaxed games are ideal for couples

If one half of a couple is really into games, there’s nothing better than getting the other half to play as well. However, this requires the right games. Don’t let the jointly planned gaming session turn into a stress test for the relationship and the second controller gather dust in the corner, lonely and abandoned. Here are a few games for couples that avoid frustration – we promise:

Diablo 3: Just leave your everyday life behind and instead kill a few orcs or other monsters as a couple. This happens in a relaxed way in the story campaign of Diablo 3, if you don’t play on the highest difficulty level. After the battles, you’ll be happy about the fat loot, which you can then divide among yourselves fairly.  

It Takes Two: Having just won Game of the Year at the Game Awards in December, It Takes Two is arguably one of the best couple games ever to hit the market. This fun and varied action-adventure game is about a couple on the verge of divorce – but then they get back together. A nice story with a cute Pixar-like look.Stardew Valley: Originally designed as a single-player game, the developers have since added a co-op mode – fortunately! Here we take care of a farm, talk to the villagers, take care of animals or go fishing at the beach. Without any tricky puzzles or stressful opponents. Enjoy!