Age is just a number anyway: Games for seniors

Better late than never: Even though the average age of gamers is often estimated to be in the teens (actually, it’s more like mid/late thirties), video games are something for every age group. Even our older fellow human beings are interested in games, at the latest since the Nintendo Wii has made quite a few old people’s homes “unsafe” worldwide. For those who want to play games for the first time in their old age, here is a short, suitable list for the first virtual adventures.

Wii Sports (Wii): The classic among the games for seniors: In 2006, this sports collection, consisting of tennis, golf, bowling, boxing and baseball, was released together with the Nintendo Wii and has thrilled older people in particular ever since – also because the controls are so simple and intuitive. Just use the controller the way it seems to make the most sense for the game and you’re already close. Besides, this way you can get some exercise in your bones.

Flower (PlayStation): Flower is a very relaxed game with reduced controls and a beauty that has often been described as poetry in video game form. Here we control a single flower that lets itself be carried by the wind and must awaken other flowers – without time limit or health indicators. So you can just let yourself drift with the wind and enjoy the beautiful images.Old Man’s Journey (Switch, iOS, Android) & Wide Ocean Big Jacket (Switch, PC, Mac, iOS): These two games are all about keeping your memory sharp. Whether it’s a hike through the mountains or a camping trip, it’s always about conversations and small tasks to help stay mentally fit. It’s also a perfect opportunity for grandparents and grandchildren to have something to share together.