Ergonomics on the gaming keyboard – what to look out for

Just like at the workplace in the office, ergonomics also play an important role for gamers: How do I sit correctly to avoid cramps? Can an ergonomic keyboard help? In fact, specially shaped gaming keyboards ensure that the muscles and wrists are relieved by allowing the hands and arms to rest comfortably and properly. These criteria should ensure that the keyboard you want is truly ergonomically sound:

  • A palm rest is one of the most important elements of an ergonomically designed keyboard. Soft cushions allow the wrist to come out of a bent position, ensuring a straight posture.
  • If the keys are curved upwards, this also helps to prevent tension. Here, the outer keys must be lower than the keys in the middle. This also improves blood flow to the hands.
  • A split keypad prevents the hands from bending outward, so the tendon sheaths are protected and don’t get inflamed. Another must-have in an ergonomic keyboard.
  • Keys that slope backwards are also an advantage. If the keyboard is slightly tilted backwards, it supports the natural posture of the hands.