Of environmental protection, shoes and bored apes: Clever NFT ideas that surprised us

Most people associate NFTs with digital artwork or game objects – mainly because that’s what NFTs are overwhelmingly limited to. But every now and then, ideas emerge that try something new, expanding the horizons and stretching the definition of what an NFT can be. We particularly liked these three ideas, and they are certainly just the beginning of an exciting evolution.

1. Crypto-art for species protection: WWF Germany has launched a project called NFAs (Non-Fungible Animals), in which international artists have chosen as subjects the most endangered species on our planet. These works of art can of course be purchased as NFTs. The trick is that there are exactly as many artworks of each species as there are still living specimens in the world. For example, there are (unfortunately) only 1,063 living specimens of the mountain gorilla left, so the corresponding number of NFTs or NFAs.

2. Nike takes over NFT startup RTFKT: After competitor Adidas has already made itself comfortable in the NFT metaverse (see 3.), Nike is now also looking to join in. So the sports brand has decided to acquire NFT startup RTFKT, a company that creates NFT sneakers, digital artifacts and NFT collections. The startup’s biggest success: when RTFKT sold 621 unique NFT sneakers last year that raised $3.1 million in just seven minutes. We’re excited to see what unique CryptoKicks Nike will launch in partnership with RTFKT.

3. Into the Metaverse with Adidas: In mid-December, sportswear manufacturer Adidas scored with the release of an NFT collection called “Into the Metaverse,” for which the group enlisted the help of well-known NFT provider Bored Ape Yacht Club, the PUNKS comics team and crypto investor gmoney. Buyers of the new Adidas tokens will get exclusive access to virtual objects and gaming items, as well as products that can actually be worn by the owners in the real world.