Illuvium – Pokémon on the Blockchain

Hands up who played the blue edition of Pokémon! Everyone back at school loved Pokémon. You could catch monsters, train them, trade them, and explore the world. Now imagine all of that on the blockchain for a second. With thousands of fellow players online, modern graphics, and the ability to earn money. Sounds like a dream? Well, that dream is coming true right now.

Illuvium is an MMORPG-NFT game (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) based on the Ethereum blockchain, and is so far only available for PC. In Illuvium you explore an open fantasy world, search for Illuvials, catch them and train them for your team battles.

As a blockchain-based crypto game, Illuvium offers more than just a traditional game as it provides a new source of revenue by using earn-to-play as a player. Two ERC-20 cryptocurrencies appear in the game: ILV (Illuvium) and sILV.

As part of the daily challenge, you as a player must go on quests to obtain in-game items and creatures called Illuvials. Items you collect in Illuvium appear as NFT assets in your connected wallet and therefore have real value.

Currently, Illuvium is still in the beta phase, but the game is supposed to become available to everyone this year. However, an exact date has not been set yet.