Play-to-earn games you should know about

We at GamesCoin are already a bit smitten with our future games on our GamesChain. But with this list, you can explore NFT games we think are worth mentioning today. Check out our list of play-to-earn games.


Platform: PC
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Currency: EncrypGen

Impulse is an NFT shooter and can be played with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 players. The main characters in this game are silver synthetic humanoids (synth) that can be transformed into various creatures.

Axie Infinity

Platform: PC, iOS, Android
Genre: Turn-based combat
Currency: AXS

Axie Infinity is the most famous crypto game, so it can’t be left off the list. Players collect Axies to breed and raise them to fight against others. PvP is also possible.


Platform: PC Genre: VR Metaverse World
Currency: SAND

Mindcraft on the Blockchain: The Sandbox is an entire universe for players to explore and farm – and it contains many different worlds to explore.

Blankos Block Party

Platform: PC Genre: Action-Adventure
Currency: TBA

Compete with your Blankos in various party games and competitions. It’s easy to learn and cheap to get started.

Thetan Arena

Platform: PC & Mobile
Genre: MOBA
Currency: THC and THG

Thetan Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena game that can be tried for free without NFTs. The game uses NFTs to give players ownership of game characters and certain items.

Gods Unchained

Platform: PC & Mac
Genre: Trading Card Game
Currency: GODS

Gods Unchained is a fantasy trading card game based on the Ethereum network. The game can be started for free.