Crypto Oasis partners with GamesCoin Group to bring their Blockchain Gaming Metaverse to the Middle East.

Linking blockchain with the gaming industry opens up a whole new world of possibilities that are transforming the gaming industry as we speak. To fulfill their mission to revamp and restructure gaming, GamesCoin Group has the support of regional blockchain powerhouse, Crypto Oasis. GamesCoin Group can take advantage of the unique business value Crypto Oasis offers with its world-class infrastructure and talent.

Blockchain gaming is fairly new, but it is one of the fastest growing segments of the nearly $200 billion global gaming industry. GamesCoin Group is building on Hadean’s pioneering technology to create a virtual world that allows “Play to own” gaming on the blockchain. As the overlap of people’s digital and physical lives increases, the metaverse is becoming the future of social interaction, one that offers countless innovative possibilities in the gaming experience.

GamesCoin Group has their own hub for game developers and publishers and they also have their own integrated currency that can be used in all game worlds. They have a comprehensive ecosystem that allows developers and publishers to capitalise on innovative and traditional parts of the gaming industry.

Blockchain technology allows gamers to own in-game assets, creating legitimacy and permanent value. Creating digital assets in games also makes them an interesting investment choice. Tokenisation within video games will cause mass adoption and provide significant value to the video gaming ecosystem. Monetising gameplay in return for NFTs or cryptocurrencies is GamesCoin Group’s fascinating application of cutting-edge blockchain technology. With Crypto Oasis as their local partners, GamesCoin Group will ‌facilitate this burgeoning segment of the gaming sector, with a comprehensive ecosystem that is home to many other radical blockchain organisations. Crypto Oasis welcomes this collaborative initiative that will help both these disruptive entities to move on to the next phase of growth in this exciting industry.

The partnership with GamesCoin Group is in line with Crypto Oasis’ vision to reach 1,000 Blockchain organisations by Q2 this year.

Crypto Oasis will help GamesCoin Group grow in the Middle East in significant ways, and they will witness Crypto Oasis’ hallmark transparency and immutability first hand. Crypto Oasis partners with GamesCoin Group to bring their Blockchain Gaming Metaverse to the Middle East GamesCoin Group will start their worldwide promotional roadshow “MOMENTUM” in Dubai with an exclusive event on 21 st April’22.

A big story in a nutshell:

  • Crypto Oasis welcomes GamesCoin Group into their growing blockchain ecosystem to drive blockchain gaming in the Middle East.
  • GamesCoin Group is all set to launch a business entity in Dubai to transform the gaming sector in the region.
  • GamesCoin Group’s massive international promotional tour “MOMENTUM” kicks off in Dubai before moving on to Europe and the US.
  • The GamesCoin Group will introduce the world’s first ‘Play to Own’ metaverse platform on the blockchain.

GamesCoin Group is a German blockchain gaming organisation that has created a ground breaking ecosystem for a gaming world that is more immersive and boundary blurring than ever. Its partnership with Crypto Oasis is game-changing and exciting for the Middle Eastern crypto market because blockchain is restructuring the gaming industry, and GamesCoin Group is leading this revolution.

GamesCoin Group’s new alliance with Crypto Oasis will help realise the potential of the Middle East’s fast growing gaming sector. Gaming revenues in the MENA region were worth $5.4 billion in 2021. Dubai is GamesCoin Group’s first stop as it looks to expand globally and transform avant-garde blockchain technology into real experiences.

“With GamesCoin, we will rewrite the history of the gaming industry. Knowing that we have a partner at our side who is just as experienced and visionary makes us even prouder. We are thrilled to be working with Crypto Oasis at the cutting edge of combining gaming and blockchain to build the real metaverse.” says Alex Suárez, Founder & CEO GamesCoin Group.

The event will offer mixed reality experiences and spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai skyline, and the GamesCoin Group ecosystem will be presented to the public for the first time. The guests and prospective partners will have an incredible opportunity to be part of the creation of new and extraordinary NFT that will enable them to become a part of GamesCoin Group´s revolutionary metaverse. The roadshow will allow GamesCoin Group to present the world’s first ‘Play to Own’ metaverse platform on the blockchain. This disruptive tech is gaming history in the making and attendees can secure their place in GamesCoin Group’s innovative and revolutionary gaming metaverse.