NFT trends that will gain importance in 2022

Even the masses start to realize that NFTs aren’t just pixelated cat pictures that get more expensive over time. One thing is certain: NFT technology is here to stay. These are a few NFT trends 2022.

Shared Ownership

NFTs give you the ability to share ownership.

A fractional ownership NFT is an entire NFT that has been divided into smaller fractions so that a different number of people can lay claim to a piece of the same NFT. An NFT is divided using a smart contract that creates a certain number of tokens associated with the indivisible original. These divided tokens give you, the holder, a percentage of ownership of an NFT and can be further traded or exchanged.


We associate NFT with visual art, but music is also growing into a popular branch of the NFT scene. Imagine your favorite artist releases a unique track, of which only a limited number are available as NFTs. You’re lucky enough to buy the NFT cheap and make a TikTok out of it that goes viral. Your sound is suddenly in high demand and therefore valuable.

NFTs change social media

From the previous example you can see how TikTok could change through NFTs, but other media are also showing active interest. Twitter confirms use of NFTs as profile picture. To prevent fraud, the platform verifies the ownership of an NFT and has the profile picture displayed in hexagon form so that anyone can identify it as an NFT. YouTube recognizes great potential in NFTs to strengthen the connection between creators and viewers. From the looks of it, social media will be dominated by NFTs in the coming years.

Verification by NFT

It is quite possible that other platforms will soon allow NFT verification as well, and you and you can put your verified NFTs on your profile. Along with this, fingerprint technology will allow platforms to easily track stolen files and take them off the network. Also, the social value of NFTs is changing, as they can be shared even faster through social media like TikTok and even be included in trends.