6 reasons why you should start with NFT Gaming

Haven’t tried NFT Gaming yet? Then this list will help you in your consideration to start with NFT Gaming!

You take control

Unlike traditional gaming, NFT games give you more power and allow you to sell items and even earn a percentage from future resales. For gamers who grew up selling old games to buy new ones, this is a huge step forward in the age of digital gaming. With NFTs, you also control the sale and resale of in-game items.

NFT games lead the metaverse.

Games will be part of the metaverse, and NFTs will be the glue that connects them to other parts of our connected, digital future.

The Metaverse will spread across the Internet and will be hosted on many platforms, games, and websites. It may well change the way we socialize, work, play video games and interact. The metaverse is already well underway, and NFTs will make it easier and faster.

Gamers become investors in new games.

Crowdfunding is experiencing a revival due to the blockchain. Kickstarter has been offering fans the chance to help launch games for some time, but the reward is often your name in the game and the chance to be the first to play.

The NFT platform GameStarter allows indie developers to fund their games by offering pre-sold in-game items as NFTs. This means that players can pick an indie game, help fund it, and take a cut of the game. So as a player, you can become a curator and investor.

Adding value through NFT games.

Using NFTs means that players can be the sole owners of an in-game item and then decide whether to trade it, sell it, or keep it. The idea that players can make money from a game is not new, but NFTs are more secure and flexible.