The 10 most influential personalities in the NFT scene.

The August/September 2021 issue of Fortune magazine published a series of articles that specifically covered cryptocurrencies, with the series focusing on NFT.

“Fortune” magazine published a list of the most influential personalities in the NFT scene, including artists like Beeple, big-time entrepreneurs like Gary Vee and Mark Cuban, and musicians like Jay-Z. We present to you the top 10.

1: CryptoPunks: Many celebrities own CryptoPunks. In 2017, Larva Labs was still giving away the 10,000 or so pixelated punks, years before they sold for millions. Each of the pixelart heads looks different.

2: Roham Ghareozlou: The CEO of Dapper Labs is making NFTs accessible to the masses through NBA Top Shot virtual basketball cards. His company made a name for itself early on, in 2017, with the success of CryptoKitties, a game that lets you breed digital cats on a blockchain.

3: Mark Cuban: The billionaire Shark Tank investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks backs NFT marketplaces Mintable and SuperRare as well as NFT tracker CryptoSlam, owns collectibles such as Stoner Cats and Bored Apes.

4: Beeple: US artist Mike Winkelmann, known by the alias Beeple, gained great fame by selling his NFT “The First 5,000 days”, which earned him $60 million. Thus, he sold the most expensive NFT of all time.

5: pplpleasr (Emily Yang): New York 3D digital artist, Emily Yang designed visual graphics for US blockbusters before turning to the DeFi scene. Pplpleasr has created animations for many DeFi teams including Aave, Sushiswap, FutureFund, Pickle, Degen Score and of course Uniswap.

6: Jay-Z: Rapper, rapper and NFT enthusiast who uses his CryptoPunk (#6095) as his Twitter avatar. He is also a board member of Square, a fintech company. Jay-Z’s own NFT works were auctioned at Sotheby’s.

7: Paris Hilton: American celebrity, heiress to the Hilton Group, expresses great optimism about NFTs. In an article, she said that NFTs are the future. She has put her heart and soul into NFTs.

8: 3LAU: World-renowned DJ and producer in Las Vegas, released the world’s first tokenized music album.

9: Grimes: Canadian singer and artist. In March 2021, Grimes sold a series of NFT collectibles for more than $6 million.

10: Gary Vee: American internet celebrity, Gary Vaynerchuk built his father’s liquor business into a $60 million wine brand, and is considered an influential social media personality.