5 Marketplaces for NFT Music

Although many people associate NFTs with digital images sold as blockchain-based assets, there is much more to be discovered in the scene. That’s because the market of music NFTs is booming. You can read about how NFTs are changing the music industry in this article. Unlike traditional purchases, such as via iTunes, you not only listen to (or watch) music NFTs, you also have ownership of the file. We show you the music NFT marketplaces where you can bid for these types of NFTs.

Music NFT marketplaces

Catalog is currently the only platform with the sole purpose of creating, discovering, experiencing and sharing audio NFTs. Artists collect 100% of their sales – Catalog takes nothing.

Sound.xyz is a new startup that aims to help emerging artists monetize their work more effectively through NFTs by releasing time-limited drops. The startup aims to develop a set of tools to bring musicians into what it calls the “web3” crowd.

Nifty Gateway
The Nifty Gateway is a large NFT marketplace specifically for music NFTs. It is a centralized marketplace where a central authority controls every sale, coinage, etc. If you are looking for a very targeted selection of NFTs, Nifty Gateway might be a suitable marketplace.

Mint Songs
Mint Songs is another music NFT marketplace running on the Polygon blockchain. Music artists can turn their main creative assets into NFTs that they can sell and give away to their community. Users can mine their songs and cover art into NFTs for $0 gas/network fees.

Audius aims to use blockchain technology to democratize the music industry. It operates a streaming platform similar to Spotify where artists can monetize their music with NFTs.

Generally, you can also get music NFTs on other general marketplaces. Other well-known marketplaces include OpenSea, NFT Showroom, and Rarible.