Tools to track NFT projects.

NFTs are growing in popularity as they radically change the world of digital property. And there’s no sign of that slowing down anytime soon. New NFT projects are unveiled every day, and for those invested in or interested in NFTs, it’s important to keep an eye on promising projects.

There is one catch: manually tracking NFT projects is time-consuming. Luckily, these tools can help you track trending projects.


Since 2018, DappRadar has been the go-to for tracking sales data on NFT collections. DappRadar has a portfolio tracker to provide users with an easy way to monitor Ethereum wallets in real time: launched in 2021 and offers a wealth of useful analytics tools. You can use the platform to track floor prices, volumes, and sales history, as well as find trending projects and other features. Many services on the Icy.Tools platform are free, with premium features available for a small monthly fee:

Rarity.Tools is another website that collects real-time data on all NFT artwork and collectibles. Rarity collects and ranks NFT artworks in order of rarity and prioritizes new projects. The platform is designed in the aesthetics of an art market and looks very appealing on the landing page, unlike other tools that are mainly built as charts and lists: