These 3 types of NFT are highly traded


Let’s get straight to the most important type (for us at GamesCoin). As a gamer, many of you purchase in-game assets for a better gaming experience. This has led video game makers to use blockchain technology to develop and sell NFTs in the gaming space.

A classic example is the play-and-earn game system. Game developers have developed game goods, such as digital collectibles, avatars, and tokens, in the form of NFTs. Players can trade these outside the game on an open market to earn back their expenses.

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NFTs are transforming several industries, including the music industry. Musician ownership is easier to track, and middlemen like music labels and streaming platforms are becoming more obsolete to release music.

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Sports-themed NFTs are one of the top-selling categories.

NBA Top Shot by Dapper Labs is an NFT marketplace developed in collaboration with the US basketball league that lists basketball moments. One of the most expensive NFTs ever sold in the sports category is the LeBron James Dunk Throwdowns (Series), which cost around $230,000.