GamesCoin Check: Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a play-to-earn based on the WAX blockchain. It consists of a universe of six worlds, each with 500 plots. Each plot, represented as an NFT, belongs to you as a player. You earn Trilium in-game, which is transferred to the Binance Smart Chain so you can earn more Trilium through a staking system. Learn more about Alien Worlds in this article.

Alien Worlds is simple to play: It consists of click mining, staking TLM, and owning land.

Alien Worlds offers a number of NFTs, including lands, tools, minions, avatars and weapons. All of the game’s NFTs are located in the WAX blockchain.


It’s free to start, but the payout is very low unless you invest in Trilium tokens.

*What is WAX?

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange and is a blockchain specifically designed for trading virtual items such as rare and collectible items in video games and virtual worlds.

Alien Worlds Tokens

Trilium (TLM) is the official Alien Worlds token. It is generated through mining, as a reward for missions, and as an irregular payout to land owners.

  • maximum supply: 5 billion
  • exists on WAX, ETH and BSC

So, you can move the Trilium token between the three blockchains. Each time a TLM is transferred to another blockchain, the corresponding amount of tokens is locked on the transferring chain and unlocked on the receiving chain.

About Alien Worlds.

Alien Worlds belongs to the older generation of WAX games. First announced in July 2020, Alien Worlds is a member of the Blockchain Games Alliance.