Move-To-Earn – Get paid to run

The crypto space is producing innovations every day, proving to be the most dynamic market in the digital world. It brings forth many new forms of innovation such as NFTs, Metaverse and more. Within NFT gaming alone, there is constant innovation:

One current trend is the “Move-to-Earn” concept, where users earn rewards for walking, running, dancing and more.

These games use technology to track players’ movements, so you can literally earn cryptocurrencies by going about your normal fitness routine.

Here, we’ll go into what Move-to-Earn games are and which ones you can try for yourself right now.

What is Move-to-Earn?

The technology behind Move-to-Earn, or M2E is designed to reward people for getting up and moving their bodies. So to speak, Move-to-Earn games are a healthy way to earn cryptocurrency.

This is a gamification concept similar to Play-to-Earn. However, M2M apps allow users to earn passive income through daily physical activities like running and fitness exercises.

You’re probably familiar with the Play-to-Earn concept. Players receive tokens as rewards for their progress. These tokens can be used to buy equipment, clothing, and other game-specific items.

Move-to-Earn, on the other hand, does not aim to spend time on the screen. It uses sensors in the mobile device to detect movement and automatically earn rewards for physical activity.

Examples of Move-to-Earn games

OliveX OliveX is a movement app that lets you earn DOSE tokens for your daily walks. Movements are recorded by the app and converted into DOSE. You can then exchange the earned tokens for rewards like gift cards or products. You can also use your DOSE to buy in-game items, like new clothes for your avatar or upgrades.

STEPN STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app and NFT game that rewards you for completing workouts. You earn GMT coins by walking, running, cycling and more. The more exercise, the more earnings.

You can use the GMT coins to buy in-game items, such as new avatars and upgrades. You can also trade GMT tokens on exchanges or invest them in other cryptocurrencies.


When you see the Genopets for the first time, they will immediately look familiar to you, as they are very reminiscent of Pokémon. You’ll be given a Genopet at the beginning of your game, which you’ll take care of through daily commitment. The more you take care of it, the more GENE tokens you earn.

As you travel through the Genoverse, you can improve your Genopet NFT by converting your movement into GENE. You can sell your GENE to other players or trade your NFTs in the marketplace.

Is Move-to-Earn better than Play-to-Earn?

While P2E has so far tied users to screens, Move-to-Earn tends to take us away from them, shooing us into our sneakers and giving us motivation to move. It’s a promising concept, but also one that is still very young and needs to evolve. But that can also be an advantage, because now you can get in earlier and participate in the development.