NFT Instagram channels you should follow.

NFT is at home on Twitter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find it on other favorite mediums of our choosing. Some big platforms have surprisingly small profiles on Instagram, but there are a few top dogs you should follow if you’re on Instagram anyway. Then you’ll educate yourself a bit more as you scroll.


NFT Plazas is most famous for its comprehensive content platform, but its Instagram channel has nothing to hide either. With about four daily info posts, you’ll stay up to date here.


Currently with 257k followers, nft_club is an exceptionally popular NFT channel on Instagram. Find info, drops, current sale prices of works and more here.


NFT.Magazine is a well-known magazine for NFTs and crypto art and shows them to you on their exciting Instagram channel (272k followers currently). Delight in crazy animations and impressive artwork.


Another source for NFT information and live insights into current NFTs posted on the blockchain. There are songs to videos here, and the site is run by a real artist with NFTs in his name. Followers at the moment: 24.4k.

Small disclaimer: If you’re on NFT channels, you may get a DM from another NFT channel every now and then. If you don’t have much experience in the scene, we strongly discourage you from responding to these messages here. They are often drops or other things that sound promising.

To be safe, ignore them completely and get your info from other sources.