15 signs that you are a hardcore gamer

  1. You know not only what time it is at your place, but also in other corners of the earth and universe. After all, gaming events take place in other time zones as well.
  2. Your mouse sensitivity is always on top.
  3. Friends confuse your home-made PC with a fluorescent aquarium full of graphic cards.
  4. You drink Coca Cola and Red Bull as if it were a speciality drink.
  5. You regularly receive a demo, asking you to send feedback to Nintendo’s development team by the end of the week.
  6. You recognize the difference between 30 and 60 FPS.
  7. You feel more confident on the controller than on your feet.
  8. ‘Lag’ and ‘ping’ were the first English words you learned.
  9. Your alarm is constantly ringing – but not to get up or for your next hair appointment, it’s your gaming account that demands your attention.
  10. You regularly see the sunrise without having to get up.
  11. While others are still leveling their character at the server start, you write the first tutorial on how to get the legendary ivory armor.
  12. Friends and family members regularly forget to address you as the powerful battle lord you actually are.
  13. Titles like Dark Souls and Elden Ring only elicit a weary smile from you.
  14. You have played through Tetris.
  15. You can carry on entire conversations with abbreviations.

(“Picked up a DLC for the latest AAA MMORPG the other day, but PvP doesn’t give you XP. Anyway, GG.”)