Mobile gaming vs. PC gaming – which platform is right for you?

Mobile gaming is not only growing rapidly, but has long since overtaken consoles and computer games in terms of sales. Why is mobile gaming so popular?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of mobile and PC gaming so you can decide which is better for you.

Play anywhere

You already have your phone in your pocket, so there’s not even a question of whether or not to take your gaming device with you. No matter where you are or want to be, your latest mobile game is with you.


You can download many games for free or for comparatively little money. Traditional console and PC titles can be much more expensive at 30-60€ per game. But be careful, you’ll often pay in other ways, either with data, airtime, or later in-game purchases. Accessible

A few taps on your smartphone and you’ve downloaded your game. And you’ve already got the “console” in your pocket. With most popular smartphones, you’ll be able to play the latest games smoothly, too.

Increasing supply

Since mobile gaming is so popular, the selection is also growing: from action to puzzle and strategy games, everything is available on your small device.

Is that why the PC is dying out? Let’s take a look at the advantages of a setup with computers

Bigger, better, nicer.

With a PC, you have access to a bigger screen, powerful processors, better graphics and performance.

PC hardware is customizable Depending on your budget and gaming needs, you can customize and upgrade your PC as needed.

Game control is flexible

Customizability doesn’t end with the innards of a computer. One advantage PC gaming has over other gaming platforms is that while you can use a mouse and keyboard, you can also plug in a controller at any time.

PC gaming or mobile gaming – which platform is right for you? While PC gaming has long been the traditional way of gaming, offering larger screens to play on, mobile gaming has revolutionized the concept of casual gaming and gaming on the go. When playing on a smaller screen is not an issue, mobile gaming gives you an easy and fast gaming experience.

If you like to play for hours and dive deep down a game, then PC games are for you. If you’re looking for shorter, casual sessions with easy access to a wide range of games that you can choose from anywhere, you can positively turn to mobile games.