From Socializer to Disruptor – Which Type of Gamer Are You?

Hands down, who hasn’t taken a self-test to find out which Hogwarts house they belong to? Most of us are tempted when it comes to being typed as something. Want to know what gaming type you belong to? They’re based on what drives you when you play games.

Andrzej Marczewski, an expert in gamification, developed his model to help people better understand why and how they play. It also shows that gamers differ from each other and bring completely different motivations. This is interesting for game developers, but also for you as a gamer. Because if you assess your fellow players correctly, you can better decide who fits into your team and what role they can (or should) take on.

Here, you will find the six supertypes, which can be divided into many subtypes.

Free Spirits are motivated by autonomy and self-realization. They want to create and explore. Achievers want to be the best They want to learn new things and improve. Overcoming challenges is part of their daily routine. Philanthropists want to give to others and enrich the lives of others in some way without expecting a reward.

Socializers want to interact with others and make social connections. Players are motivated by rewards. They will do what is asked of them in order to receive rewards. Rewards can be: experience points, badges, physical prizes, and the like. Disruptors are motivated by change. Generally, they want to disrupt the system, either directly or through other users, to force positive or negative changes.

You may already realize which type you belong to by reading this. But if you want to know exactly, you can take the test right here. Which type are you?