Fitness and Health Tips for Long Screen Sessions

Yes, it’s an uncomfortable topic, health and gaming. Fitness and video games seem to repel each other, like oil and water. But actually, keeping yourself mentally and physically fit improves your performance on screen.

Drink water instead of soda.

If your eyes or joints hurt during a session or you get tired quickly, it may be because you’re dehydrated. Give your body water so it can function properly.

Sugary and caffeinated drinks are popular among gamers. But just try putting a bottle of water on your desk or next to the couch and set a timer to remind yourself to drink.

Take a break more often.

Long gaming sessions without breaks can be quite exhausting for your body. If you follow the previous tip and drink a lot, you will automatically be reminded of this tip by going to the bathroom. Don’t rush to the screen and use the short break to take a breath. Prepare some snacks or look out the window into the distance to give your eyes a break.

Watch what you eat

Much like soda and energy drinks, gaming often goes hand-in-hand with junk food. Swap out pizza for more nutritious meals at set times of the day every now and then. And reach for nuts, bananas and other high-quality food sources instead of chips.

A short workout before the session

A short workout keeps you fresh throughout the day and helps you stay in top shape physically and mentally. Exercise releases endorphins that help you focus and stay optimistic. You can even turn your workout into a game if you resolve to play only after you’ve unlocked a workout achievement. Make it as easy as possible at first: 5 push-ups, a 5 -minute run, or pick another exercise you enjoy and slowly increase.

So often underestimated: mental fitness

You’ve probably heard one or two of the tips above before or you’ve already followed them. But what is often neglected is mental fitness. If you follow the tips above, you are already a good step ahead, because physical health is an important prerequisite for mental fitness. Pick up a good book every now and then, meet up with friends and arrange to do social activities outside the living room.