GamesCoin becomes YOURE: The first gaming platform for Play2Own

Berlin, 15 May 2023 – GamesCoin Group GmbH is now operating under the name YOURE Family. True to the motto: “Play. Create. Own.” the company is taking the next important steps towards a holistic gaming ecosystem. “Those who currently buy games from platforms still do not have full control over their games. YOURE will change that,” explains Alex Suárez, founder and CEO of the YOURE Family. The idea of YOURE is a big step towards digital freedom: gamers own their games and digital assets – and can trade them without limit. At the same time, publishers and developers receive additional licence fees through resale, which significantly extends the value creation of a game. 

Ownership of the game instead of just the right to use it

YOURE is driven by the vision of giving gamers control and ownership of their gaming experiences and games. To implement “Play2Own”, the company is building on its own blockchain technology GamesChain. Through the YOURE Games portal, players no longer acquire the right to use the game, as is the case with traditional gaming portals, but own the game. In this way, players can turn their digital game collections into money and at the same time developers and publishers receive a share of the resale. The YOURE Games portal is to be launched in the second half of 2023.

“We talk about a necessary democratisation in many sectors – in finance, in tech, but why not in gaming?” describes Alex Suárez. “That’s exactly what we want to change. We are democratising gaming by building a decentralised, blockchain-based ecosystem, based on our credo ‘Play to own for fun’. In doing so, we not only want to give players back their rightful ownership, but also reward developers and publishers for making a great game.” 

Stay tuned

Besides the newly announced portal, YOURE is on a strong growth course. Currently, locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt/Main, Zug (CH) and Dubai are being expanded. With the renaming to YOURE Family, the company continues to develop its vision of the GamesCoin ecosystem and opens up a new world for gamers where “Play2Own” takes centre stage. GamesCoin serves as the in-game currency and YOURE represents the ecosystem. More information about YOURE is available here.